Xenogears: The Movie – Synopsis

Xenogears: The Movie

Xenogears is a game for the original PlayStation released in 1998 by Squaresoft, now Square Enix.
I do not claim any rights to this game, its visuals or audio.

Xenogears: The Movie is a recording of all dialogues and cutscenes of that game that are part of the story progression or otherwise relevant to the story. It is split into chapters as per the table below. A short synopsis and some images are given for each chapter. These chapters and their names do not correspond to the in-game chapters.

In order to better understand the synopsis, starting with the game’s exposition is recommended.
The timestamps in the first column link directly to that particular time on the YouTube video.

Obviously contains spoilers!

Part 1:

00:00:00 – Logos & Title Screen

00:00:20 – Alpha and Omega

The Eldridge, a massive spaceship, is seen in a state of emergency. The phrase „You shall be as gods“ appears on monitors as the ship’s computer system is apparently taken over by some unknown agent. The captain orders the ship’s evacuation, but it fails. Ultimately, the captain engages the ship’s self-destruct mechanism. The ship then crashes onto a planet, where a lone woman is seen rising from the debris.

00:05:24 – Exposition & Fei’s Vision

After a lengthy introduction on the current state of the world, the protagonist Fei Fong Wong is seen experiencing a hellish scene wherein his village is under attack by Gears – large humanoid fighting machines. Fei battles an enemy Gear while riding in a Gear himself. The scene ends before the battle concludes. This turns out to be a vision of the near future.

00:09:35 – Wedding Preparations

Fei is seen making a painting seemingly inspired by this vision. In his village, Lahan, everyone prepares for the upcoming wedding of Timothy and Alice. Dan, Alice’s kid brother, doesn’t approve of his future brother-in-law. Alice seems to have feelings for Fei as well. She asks Fei to get photographic equipment for the day of the wedding from Doctor Citan Uzuki.

00:18:46 – At the Doctor’s House

Doctor Uzuki is busy repairing a defective aerial vehicle. He and Fei listen to an ancient music box, the melody of which Fei – who otherwise has no memories of his past – seems to distantly remember. At the end, the music box explodes, as if to signify the looming disaster.

00:26:39 – Lahan Village Under Attack

A battle with Gears – as seen in Fei’s vision – takes place in Lahan Village and it is engulfed in flames. Fei decides to pilot one of these Gears – Weltall – in order to save the village. After witnessing Timothy’s death, Fei loses control over his Gear and obliterates the village. For this, he is ostracised by the survivors.

00:41:25 – Lost in Blackmoon Forest

While traversing a dark forest, he encounters Elhaym van Houten – Elly – from the Gebler forces that battled in Lahan Village. They blame each other for the incident. Though they are enemies, Fei saves Elly from a Rancar Dragon with the help of Citan, who brings Weltall with him. While grateful for Fei’s help, Elly leaves after a lengthy discussion with Citan, who seems to know more about both Fei and Elly than he admits.

01:08:05 – Dazil, City of Burning Sands

Fei and Citan travel to the desert town of Dazil to gather the spare parts needed for repairing Weltall, but the Ethos workshop there doesn’t have the required military-grade parts. Citan decides to scour the battlefields in the desert for spare parts and takes off alone.

01:15:01 – Grahf, the Seeker of Power

Fei follows Citan into the desert and encounters Aveh soldiers and Gears, as well as a colossal flying saucer. As if that were not mysterious enough, suddenly a dark figure appears with a Gear and introduces himself as Grahf, the Seeker of Power. He boasts that he orchestrated the incident at Lahan Village in order to draw out Fei’s true power. Fei recognises him as the man who killed an unspecified woman. In the end, Fei and Citan are captured along Weltall by Aveh soldiers. It is revealed that Citan is subordinate to one he calls „Emperor“.

01:30:32 – Pirate Attack

Having set their sights on Weltall, pirates attack the craft transporting Fei and Citan, who barely manage to escape from the sinking vessel. The leader of the pirates, a young hothead, fights Fei and Weltall with his own Gear, Brigandier. The battle causes them both get caught in quicksand and fall into a large underground cavern.

01:38:45 – Beneath the Sea of Sand

Fei and Bart, the pirate leader, grudgingly cooperate to get back to the surface. They find Balthazar, an old man, dwelling in the underground cavern. He tells them about how humans first appeared on this planet 10,000 years ago, contrary to the teachings of the Ethos. He also tells old legends about how man and god had lived together in paradise until man was expelled for eating a forbidden fruit. Later, Balthazar recognises Weltall and calls it the host of the spirit of the slayer of god, whereupon he expels Fei and Bart. They are subsequently attacked by a robotic Gear called Calamity as they are on their way back to the surface.

01:58:52 – A Prince in Hiding

Fei and Citan accompany Bart aboard the pirate’s ship Yggdrasil to his hideout, where he is revealed to be the legitimate prince of Aveh. It is also revealed that his cousin Marguerite (Margie) is being held captive by the usurper Shakhan, as she bears one of the two parts of the Fatima Jasper, which is said to lead to a great treasure. Bart asks for Fei’s help, but Fei doesn’t want to continue fighting since he continues to be terrified by Weltall’s power.

02:21:44 – Incursion into the Hideout

Five elite Gebler soldiers – Broyer, Helmholz, Stratski, Renk and Vance – break into Bart’s hideout in order to steal some Gears. Despite his aversion to fighting, Fei joins the fight. Together, they are able to repel the attack. However, since the hideout had been discovered, it had to be abandoned. Fei, Citan and Bart set off towards Bledavik, the capital of Aveh, in order to rescue Margie.

02:30:57 – The Capital of Aveh

As the protagonists arrive in Bledavik, Commander Ramsus and Miang of the Gebler forces do the same. They interrogate Margie about the Fatima Jasper, but she tells them nothing. The protagonists devise a plan for Bart to sneak into the castle where Margie is held while Fei draws the guards‘ attention by battling in a ceremonial tournament.

02:46:20 – Operation ‚Rescue Margie‘

Fei’s victories at the tournament cause the guard presence inside the castle to dwindle while Bart sneaks into the castle via the waterways. Just as Bart rescues Margie, Ramsus and Miang show up. Fei arrives just in time and defeats Ramsus, who recognises his fighting style, seemingly having known Fei’s father. On their way out, the group meets Elly, who decides to help them escape.

03:05:43 – The Way to Nisan

With Margie – the leader of the Nisan Sect – aboard the Yggdrasil, the party heads to her home Nisan. Margie tells Fei of her and Bart’s pasts. Her pet Chu-chu turns out to be sentient instead of just a stuffed toy animal. Sigurd, the Yggdrasil’s first mate and Citan appear to know each other for a long time and it is indicated that both of them might be from the Sacred Empire of Solaris, where the Gebler forces originate from.

03:15:02 – The Great Mother’s Return

Margie is welcomed by the members of her sect and shows the party around the Nisan Cathedral. A painting of the Nisan sect’s founder, Sophia, intrigues Fei and Citan due to her resemblance to Elly and the similarity to Fei’s painting technique. Agnes, the head sister, knows very little about Sophia, only that she had lived around 500 years ago and sacrificed herself for the people.

03:29:15 – Sigurd and Citan’s Past

Sigurd and Citan reveal to Bart and Fei that they originally come from Solaris and a ready to give them a lot more details about Solaris: It is a country hidden beyond a dimensional barrier that uses the surface dwellers which they call „Lambs“ as slaves and for human experiments. Commander Ramsus‘ attempt to change the strictly hierarchical society has failed to turn out the way Sigurd and Citan had wanted it to. Disillusioned, they had left their country independently of each other.

03:41:33 – Strategic Planning

The party comes up with an intricate plan to depose Shakhan and put Bart on the throne. The plan involves feint attacks on Aveh units in order to draw the defense forces out of the capital Bledavik. Fei is to engage the hot-headed commander of the enemies‘ flagship in order to prevent his unit from coming to the capital’s aid while Bart seizes the throne.

03:50:55 – Commencing Attack

As the party bids Margie farewell, Sister Agnes hints at a possible future romance. Both Bart and Fei depart for their respective targets. Commander Ramsus wakes up terrified from a nightmare, which appears to be based on Ramsus‘ memories of a past defeat by the hands of someone whose fighting style resembles Fei’s. Grahf and an extremely powerful red Gear also appear in that nightmare. Grahf is actually present in the bedroom during this nightmare and exchanges a few words with Miang after Ramsus leaves.

04:03:14 – Fei and Elly’s Confrontation

In a mountain range along the Aveh-Kislev border, Fei’s squadron encounters the five Gebler elites that broke into the hideout. They are commanded by Elly, who fights Fei after taking a dose of the battle drug „Drive“. It is revealed that Elly fears „Drive“ because it seemingly caused her to go berserk once. As the effects of the drug subside, Elly ceases attacking, but returns to the Gebler forces nonetheless.

04:15:48 – The Puppet on the Throne

Meanwhile, Bart’s insurrection in the capital of Aveh is stopped quickly as Shakhan has his troops lying in ambush. Miang reveals that Ramsus has seen through the feint and is already launching a counter-attack on Bart’s other forces. She then leaves Shakhan, whom she calls a stupid, yet useful puppet, to join Ramsus. Maison, Bart’s butler, who previously sensed the looming danger, suddenly arrives to rescue the rebels in a pretty bizarre way.

04:21:53 – The Demon of Elru

Due to Vanderkaum’s overreliance on big, heavy guns, Fei and his squad can easily outmanoeuvre and even destroy the flagship Kefeinzel with their swift Gears. Vanderkaum the confronts Fei’s squad with a special Gear called Dora. When that is defeated as well, Grahf appears to grant his power to Vanderkaum (or Dora). As Fei witnesses Dora defeat his friends, he appears to lose control over Weltall again. Meanwhile, the Yggdrasil comes under attack by Ramsus and Miang’s forces, when suddenly the red Gear from Ramsus‘ nightmare appears and downright annihilates all of them.

04:49:20 – A Prison Baptism

Nortune, capital of the Kislev Empire – a masked woman requests Kaiser Sigmund to move a captured Gear and its pilot to the capital’s D Block, the prison block. It then turns out that the captured pilot is actually Fei. Just after he regains consciousness for the first time in four days, he is challenged by other prisoners led by „Champ“ Rico in order to determine his rank. He beats all of them except Rico and is assigned rank A.

05:06:17 – The Path to Freedom

The Imperial Battling Comittee approaches Fei about participating in a violent sport called „Battling“ in which prisoners face each other with Gears. He at first shows no interest, but later learns that the bomb collar that binds him to the prison block can be removed if he were to defeat the reigning champion. With the support of the beast-like mechanic Hammer and Citan, he faces his first opponent when Weltall suddenly malfunctions. Meanwhile, a group of mysterious hooded figures have an even more mysterious conversation.

05:31:47 – Sewer Murder Mystery

Leonardo and Heinrich, two of Rico’s henchmen who are responsible for Weltall’s malfunction, are killed by an unseen being in the sewers. After two further successful days of Battling, Rico comes to Fei thinking he might be the murderer, since he at least got a motive. In order to prove Fei’s innocence, they venture into the sewers together with Citan and hunt down and kill the responsible monster.

05:50:21 – Battling Semi-finals

Elly and her squad are ordered to escort a large battleship, the Hecht, while it is to launch a massive attack on Nortune. Oblivious to this, Fei continues to Battle in the Semi-finals and emerges victorious. As he services Weltall together with Hammer and Citan, Wiseman, whom Fei has previously met at the Aveh Tournament, appears to give advice to Fei and tells him about his father Khan and his connection with Grahf.

06:06:45 – Ex-champ in Danger

After Fei defeats Rico and becomes the new champion, he is asked by Kaiser Sigmund to join forces with Kislev, while former champion Rico independently breaks into the Kaiser’s government building. There, he is able to enter a room which is supposed to open only for the Kaiser and his (late) wife. He is reminded of his mother by the scents lingering in this room. He is then apprehended and ordered to be executed by the Kaiser. Fei is asked by some battlers to save him, which he agrees to do after retrieving Weltall from an underground hangar.

06:39:17 – The Purging of the Lambs

The Gebler forces intend to destroy the nuclear power plant of Nortune to render the area uninhabitable for a long time. When Fei decides to attack the Hecht to prevent it from reaching its target, he faces off against Elly’s squad. Rico comes to his aid with his Gear „Stier“. After defeating the leader of the Gebler forces, Dominia of the „Elements“, Gebler’s most elite group, Elly helps Fei and Rico stop the Hecht’s approach to the power plant. Because Fei and Rico’s Gears overheat, they have to bail out, while Elly tries to continue on her own. She is rescued just in time by an unknown Gear.

07:02:46 – A bout of Déjà-vu

The protagonists seize the giant airship Goliath from a secret Kislev base. Grahf attacks them, but he is swept overboard by Citan’s audacious manoeuvres. As if that weren’t enough, they’re then attacked by Bart’s Yggdrasil II and crash-land right on top of it, causing a huge ball of light to engulf and seemingly teleport them to another place. Fei and Elly find themselves adrift on a piece of flotsam, while the others were rescued by Bart and his crew.

07:32:27 – Men of the Sea

Fei and Elly are rescued by the Thames, a large salvaging vessel. In the meantime, the Yggdrasil II comes under attack by Gebler submarine crafts close to the Thames. The party can repel their attack, but Dominia abducts Elly and takes her aboard Ramsus‘ ship. Elly is hypnotised by Miang and released. She then attempts to destroy the Yggdrasil II while under Miang’s influence.

08:02:18 – Fei’s Eternal Rival

During an underwater battle with Ramsus and Miang, Fei is severely injured and subsequently falls into a coma. Elly and the others learn that the Fei could possibly be treated at the „Ethos“ headquarters, however that would require the help of an „Ethos“ member. It just so happens that Billy, an „Ethos“ priest and so-called „Etone“, is on the Thames at that time. He agrees to take Fei to the „Ethos“ HQ for treatment.

08:19:06 – The Way of the „Etone“

In order to thank Billy for his help, the party follows him to his orphanage. Billy and his father, Jessie, are revealed to have known Sigurd from a long time back in Solaris. Bishop Stone arrives and sends Billy on a mission to investigate a suspected attack of the „Reapers“ („Wels“). Billy tells of his difficult past before he embarks on this mission together with the other protagonists.

08:41:30 – The „Ethos“ Exposed

After completing Billy’s mission, the protagonists return to the „Ethos“ headquarters, only to find it being attacked by assassins. Deep below the cathedral, they find a data terminal with information that exposes the „Ethos“ as a mere front of Solaris, created to control the surface dwellers („Lambs“) after a war 500 years ago. The „Ethos“ is attacked by Solarian agents because their plans to rebel against Solaris by secretly excavating the sunken ruins of the 4000-year-old Zeboim civilisation have been exposed. Bishop Stone, whose real name is Stein, is also an agent of Solaris. He manages to get away.

09:01:42 – Salvagers Under Attack

The Thames is under attack by Solarian forces because they have been exploring the undersea ruins of the Zeboim civilisation for the „Ethos“. Krelian leads the attack and commands to unleash the „Reapers“ upon the Thames. Since the Thames seems to be holding up just fine on its own, the party decides to follow the Solarians into the Zeboim civilisation ruins.

09:09:51 – Identity Crisis

Beneath the Aquvy archipelago lies a large sunken city of the ancient Zeboim civilisation. The party infiltrates very deep into a maze-like building, at the bottom of which they find a girl-shaped nanomachine colony. However, it is seized by Stein while the protagonists have to battle the „Elements“ Tolone and Seraphita. Fei seemingly awakens from his coma while having a diffuse vision that includes the nanomachine girl. Just as the protagonists catch up with Stein, the red Gear from Ramsus‘ nightmare appears and his pilot, Id, reveals himself for the first time. Wiseman appears to keep Id at bay while both Stein and the protagonists can escape to the surface.

09:23:23 – Father and Son

While the party chases after Stein, Grahf appears and grants his „power“ to Stein and his Gear, Alkanshel. At first, this causes Alkanshel to become invincible. Stein then tells Billy the truth about his mother’s death – that he had directed the „Reapers“ to strike her down. Jessie and Billy then combine their Gears for a powerful attack that breaks Alkanshel’s barrier. Despite Citan’s concerns, both Jessie and Billy survived the fight. After the fight, Billy and his father finally make up with each other and Billy’s sister Prim starts speaking again.

09:39:29 – The Tower to the Heavens

In order to gather information on Solaris‘ „M Project“, the party heads to the aerial city of Shevat. After an encounter with Ramsus and Miang, who are forced to retreat due to an aerial strike by Shevat, they continue climbing to the top of Babel Tower, where they are attacked by Maria Balthazar and her Gear, Seibzehn. Shevat’s 522-year-old Queen Zephyr offers to fight alongside the protagonists against Solaris for the sake of the surface dwellers‘ freedom.

09:56:28 – Seibzehn vs Achtzehn

Just as Fei agrees to Queen Zephyr’s offer, an intruder wreaks havoc on the 17th Gear Hangar, where Maria’s Gear Seibzehn is stored. Dominia tries to steal Seibzehn, but Jessie fends her off. Just a few moments later, Solarian forces launch a coordinated attack on the four gate generators of Shevat. The attack is spearheaded by the powerful Gear Achtzehn, the latest creation of Maria’s father. Chu-chu transforms to stall Achtzehn until Maria confronts Achtzehn with her Seibzehn. In the end of the battle, the consciousness of Maria’s father Nikolai, which resides in Achtzehn, commands Seibzehn to destroy Achtzehn.

10:25:13 – The Liberation of Nisan

Nisan is being occupied by Aveh soldiers and all residents have gathered in the Nisan Mausoleum. Bart reveals the true nature of the „Fatima Jasper“ – it is the retina of the Fatima family members. Luckily, Shakhan appears to not have acted yet, despite his knowledge of this fact. The protagonists venture deep inside the Nisan Mausoleum to find the „Great Treasure“ – the Omnigear Andvari.

Part 2:

00:00:00 – A Floating Fortress

It turns out that the structure inside the Nisan Mausoleum is actually a large flight-capable fortress, which Bart aptly names „Ft. Jasper“. Just as he opens the door to the hangar where they found Andvari, Shakhan and his troops invade the fortress. Sigurd’s eye mysteriously also unlocks the Jasper lock. Margie inadvertently takes control of Andvari, as it responds to its pilot’s thoughts. She gets injured in the ensuing battle, but Bart protects her from the worst and drives back the invading enemies.

00:16:37 – Destroying the first „Gate“

However, Shakhan still hasn’t had enough: The protagonists learn that he headed to a cave in the vicinity of Nisan, where supposedly one of the three Solaris „Gates“ is located. When they are just about to fight Shakhan, Grahf appears and grants his „Power“ to him. Even with this power, Shakhan is defeated and perishes in the „Gate“ generator’s explosion.

00:25:36 – The Return of the King

Having slain the usurper, Bart ascends to the throne of Aveh. He uses his inauguration speech to declare the will of his late father, which comes as a shocking surprise to Bart’s loyal followers. That night, Maison tells Bart of Sigurd’s childhood and that he is Bart’s half-brother, thus explaining why he was able to unlock the Fatima Jasper lock. The next morning, the party decides that they must now destroy the other two „Gates“. One of them is located under the „Ethos“ HQ and it is decided that the best course of action would be to fire a beam from the Ft. Jasper cannon at Babel Tower, where a mirror can reflect the beam onto the „Gate“.

00:39:40 – Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The „Elements“ cought wind of the party’s plan and simultaneously attack Ft. Jasper and Babel Tower. Both of their groups are beaten twice each while Billy hits the mirror with the Ft. Jasper beam cannon on the second try. As planned, the shot is reflected from the large mirror at Babel Tower and destroys the „Gate“ near „Ethos“ HQ. Aided by the knowledge that the „Gates“ are arranged in a triangle around Solaris, the protagonists determine the location of the final „Gate“ to be beneath the ocean.

00:53:19 – The Final „Gate“

With the help of the captain of the Thames, the protagonists travel to the large undersea cave called Sargasso Point, where they find the final „Gate“, guarded by Emeralda, the nanomachine colony from the Zeboim ruins, and her Gear Crescens. After her defeat and the destruction of the final „Gate“, she joins the party. She mysteriously seems to recognise Fei, but calls him „Kim“. The destruction of the „Gates“ causes Solaris to appear, whereupon the party meets with Queen Zephyr in Shevat in order to prepare for their attack on Solaris.

01:08:42 – Into the Lion’s Den

Using the supreme power of Seibzehn, the party breaks through the barrier surrounding Solaris and then splits up. However, Fei, Elly and Citan are then seperated by accident. They find themselves in a very bleak, tightly controlled section for lower class citizens of Solaris. Fei and Elly eventually reunite and enter Etrenank, the city of the higher-class citizens, where they learn of an upcoming „Dedication Ceremony“. They decide to watch the ceremony and obtain entrance tickets.

01:20:09 – The Dedication Ceremony

At the „Dedication Ceremony“ the emperor and Krelian – the real leader of Solaris – demonstrate that all other party members except Citan had been captured and are to be disposed of. As soon as he sees Krelian, Fei seems to remember a distant past, in which he was called Lacan and was friends with Krelian. When Fei and Elly begin to argue about what to do next, they are discovered and flee into some sort of sewer system.

01:30:56 – Father and Daughter

After exiting the sewers, Fei and Elly surface right next to Elly’s family estate. They are welcomed by Elly’s kind mother Medena and then retreat to Elly’s room in order to relax. Elly reveals she believes her nanny, a surface dweller, to be her real mother. Despite being afraid of her father Erich, she decides to enter his room to search for information on the captured party members. While she does that, Erich returns and threatens to turn them in to the guards. However, he changes his mind after witnessing Fei’s resolve to save his friends including Elly. Fei then escapes alone, only to reunite with Citan a short time later.

01:43:34 – Soylent Brown

When Fei and Citan encounter a dead end, Elly appears to help them progress further. She tells how she barely escaped from the Imperial Guard who were after her and only did so due to being protected by her father. Further in, they find (and eat) canned food which is being produced in the factory they are in. Further in, they discover that the Soylent System recycles the bodies of the test subjects into – amongst other things – the very same canned food they just ate. Also, this is where the Wels „Reapers“ originate from.

01:51:16 – Betrayal

Deep within Solaris, in a top-secret facility, one of Fei’s most trusted friends suddenly turns against him and lures him into a trap, causing Fei to be imprisoned. It is revealed that this was Solaris‘ plan from the beginning, as all of Fei’s friends possess something called „Animus“, which is what the Solarian Elders have been looking for in order to be able to resurrect „god“ and conquer the universe. Krelian and Elly discuss relatively complex molecular biology research topics. The other party members are freed by the „traitor“ and have their „Limiters“, which are implanted in everyone, removed. Shortly after that, the whole party reunites.

02:18:50 – It can always get worse…

Elly’s parents, who have been rescued by Hammer, join the protagonists in their attempt to escape from Solaris, when suddenly Hammer attempts to kidnap Elly under pressure from Krelian. The abduction fails, but Hammer kills Elly’s mother and then runs away in despair. To make matters worse, Grahf appears alongside the mysterious „Executioner“ woman that talked to Kaiser Sigmund way earlier. Elly’s father tries to protect the group with a Gear, but is killed quickly by the „Executioner“.

02:26:20 – Fei’s Split Personality

The „Executioner“ is revealed to have been Miang in disguise while the preceding events cause Fei to lose control again and Id, who is in fact a second personality residing within Fei, takes control of his body and the true form of Weltall, destroying the Solaris capital Etrenank with his tremendous power. Id then turns on the Yggdrasil, but Elly can stop his attack by causing Fei to awaken. At Shevat, Citan and various other people discuss the nature and origin of Fei’s split personality at length. The personality known as Fei has been seperated from Id’s personality no more then 3 years ago by his father. Furthermore, Citan believes a third, fundamental personality, which Id called the „coward“ in an earlier discussion with Citan, exists within Fei.

02:46:47 – Escaping from Reality

Fearing Id’s power, it is decided to freeze Fei in carbonite. Grahf is revealed to be Lacan, the Fei lookalike from 500 years ago, whose powers are said to be similar to Id’s. Before Fei is frozen in carbonite, he and Elly elope with Weltall in search of a peaceful place so that Id may never again awaken. Krelian sends Ramsus on a mission to abduct Elly, but his fixation on Fei causes him to destroy their Gear instead, causing it to crash into a forest, severely injuring both Elly and Fei.

03:01:07 – A long, never-ending dream

Both Fei and Elly experience dreams based on their memories as Lacan and Sophia, respectively. After being asleep for three weeks, Fei and Elly awaken in the remote house of Taura, who healed their bodies with nanoreactors. Taura tells Fei that he once taught nanotechnology to Krelian. He also outfits Fei and Weltall with a device to control his emotions and thereby Id.

03:15:36 – The Nanomachines‘ Release

Grahf appears to Taura, whereupon he recognises that it was Grahf who brought the injured Fei and Elly to him. While Fei heads to Ignas alone in order to aid his friends who are fighting with Shevat against the remaining Solaris forces, he encounters and defeats Ramsus once again. Meanwhile, Elly, Emeralda and Citan headed to an ancient mass-driver facility. They use it to disperse nanomachines created by Taura throughout the atmosphere in order to remove the „Limiter“ seal from all people.

03:27:34 – Yggdrasil’s True Form

The massive „Mobile Surface Supremacy Weapon“ of Solaris ravages the continent of Ignas. Bart discovers that the battleship that makes up Nortune’s Central Administrative District had been constructed by his ancestor Roni Fatima and can combine with the Yggdrasil to form a superweapon. The Solaris‘ superweapon is destroyed, but the dispersed nanomachines cause many people all over the world to suddenly mutate.

03:34:30 – Sophia’s Reincarnation

When the people mutated, they gathered at the numerous Soylent System facilities because they seemed to be drawn to them. In reality, these facilities were intended to create biological weapons from the parts of the mutated beings. The mutated were cannibalising each other as consuming flesh and blood eased their pain. Fei, Elly and Citan set out to destroy the Soylent System, where they are attacked by an amalgamation of mutated bodies. After defeating it, Elly eases its pain by letting it taste her own blood before it dies. Reenacting one of Sophia’s speeches from 500 years ago, Elly tells the mutated not to let go of their human heart. All Soylent System facilities are destroyed, the mutated people freed and taken in for treatment by Nisan.

03:44:24 – Vessels of Anima

Queen Zephyr of Shevat tells the protagonists about the „Anima Relics“, which can be aligned with Gears in order to transform them into more the powerful Omnigears. They had into an ancient facility in order to recover the Anima relic „Joseph“, which aligns with Billy’s Gear Renmazuo. On their way out of the facility, they’re attacked by the „Elements“, who merge their Gears to create a single powerful Gear.

03:52:01 – Inferiority Complex

In search for Fei, Ramsus attacks Nisan and encounters Elly, whom he tells about the origin of his inferiority complex. Broken by the relentless taunting at the hands of the Solaris Elders, he is manipulated by Miang and Krelian into assassinating emperor Cain, of whom Ramsus is a replica.

04:00:37 – Hammer’s Demise

After the alignment of the Anima relic „Gad“ with Rico’s Gear, the party is attacked by Hammer, who has been fused with a Gear by Krelian. He is, however, promptly defeated and probably killed as the Gear falls into a deep ravine. Meanwhile, emperor Cain is killed by Ramsus while Krelian watches. Since now all Anima relics have been aligned, the Solarian Elders use the „Gaetia Key“ in order to gain access to…

04:08:06 – Confession Time

…Mahanon, the „resting place of god“, which rises from the seafloor. Clearly, it is nothing else than the remains of the „Eldrige“, which had crashed on this planet 10,000 years ago. The use of the „Gaetia Key“ causes even hitherto untransformed humans to transform into Wels. After being a little too harsh with Elly, Fei apologises to her and they both confess their mutual love. Fei then leaves for Mahanon without Elly, who instead goes to Nisan with Margie.

04:22:06 – God’s Resting Place

Within Mahanon, Fei first encounters and defeats „Deus“, which is supposedly a manifestation of absolute power, but ultimately doesn’t pose much of a threat (unless one considers it’s game-crashing „powers“). Further inside, they find „Razael’s Tree“, which is actually the memory bank of a massive supercomputer. From its data, they discover that „Deus“ is part of an inter-planetary invasion weapon system called „Yabeh“. It has a source of infinite energy called „Zohar“. While accessing the data, the protagonists are attacked by Krelian and Grahf and defeated.

04:28:56 – The Bird and the Bait

Krelian has Fei’s group crucified at Golgoda with their Gears and „invites“ Elly to come in order to save them. Despite knowing it is a trap, Elly heads for Golgoda in Shevat’s Omnigear. After almost being beaten by Krelian’s subordinates, Elly destroys them with her Omnigear’s supreme power, causing her to faint. Krelian takes her away, but spares the other protagonists‘ lives.

04:43:12 – Ramsus‘ Fight for Love

The „Gazel Ministry“, the Solarian Elders whose consciousnesses have been transferred to the SOL-9000 computer, are destroyed by Krelian when he removes the computer’s memory banks. Meanwhile, Wiseman shows up once again with advice to Fei. He then heads to the Merkava, a giant „ark“ where Elly is held. There, he encounters Ramsus, who finally reveals the reason for his obsession with Fei: Ramsus was artificially created to be the „Contact“ but abandoned as useless once Fei was discovered to be the real „Contact“ by his mother Karen, who had been working with Krelian.

04:56:09 – Miang’s True Nature

After defeating Ramsus, the protagonists arrive at the Merkava’s core, where Elly is held by Miang and Krelian. They commend Fei for bringing him the Anima relics, which are also parts of „Deus“. Ramsus arrives, but he is only mocked by Krelian and Miang, whereupon he kills Miang and critically wounds Krelian. Suddenly, Miang takes over Elly’s body, since Miang is not a singular being, but rather a being that transcends generations and can awaken within any woman, and shoots Fei. Krelian almost instantly recovers from his critical wound due to his nanomachines. A lengthy speech by Miang, in which she explains her and Deus‘ origins, ensues.

05:11:32A long long time ago, it was…

Using the Merkava and biological weapons called the „Seraph“ angels, Deus lays waste to large parts of the planet, its objective being the destruction of civilisation. Fei is recovered in a comatose state and frozen in carbonite in order to prevent Id’s awakening. The events from 500 years ago are explained in great detail: Bart’s ancestors Roni and Rene have been fighting alongside Krelian, Sophia and Lacan in a war against Solaris. Sophia ended this war with a suicide attack. Grief-stricken, Krelian decided to „create god with his own hands“ and Lacan was tricked by Miang to search for „the power“, which is actually the Zohar, and he became Grahf.

05:41:22 – Id’s Awakening

While Dan and Midori contemplate Fei’s terrible Fate, Id awakens despite the carbonite freezing and sets out in search of the Zohar. In a mental conversation, Id threatens to destroy Fei and the coward’s personalities once and for all. The protagonists follow him to the same location where Lacan once found the Zohar and turned into Grahf. There, they witness the „birth“ of Weltall-Id’s true form, the „Xenogears-Id“. They fight Id for a while when Wiseman suddenly intervenes. Id reveals Wiseman’s identity: He is none other than Fei/Id’s father Khan.

05:51:24 – One Who Was Torn Apart

The cause of Fei’s split personality is finally revealed: Fei’s mother Karen, having turned into Miang, subjected Fei to painful, unbearable experiments. This trauma caused the creation of Id, upon whom the „coward“, Fei’s original personality, forced all the unpleasant memories and emotions. Fei witnessed a battle between Grahf and his father, but his mother did nothing but watch. Fei then released his innate power, killing his mother in the process. „Fei“, the third personality created by his father after these incidents, convinces the „coward“ that they all share responsibility for Karen’s death. He also convinces Id that Karen had not been all bad, since she sacrificed herself in order to protect Fei from his own attack. The three personalities then agree to merge.

06:06:15 – First Contact

After Fei recalls numerous memories of his various past incarnations, he is contacted by the Wave Existence or „god“, that has descended into the universe from a higher dimension when the Zohar was connected to it. In order to be able to exist in the lower dimension, it bound itself to the Zohar and is now unable to return. When its physical form was bound to the Zohar, its will was bound to Elly and its power to Fei. In order to return to its original dimension, it must recombine all of these elements and destroy its cage, the Zohar. As the Wave Existence fades away, the Xenogears-Id is transformed into the Xenogears.

06:14:48 – The End of Lacan

Grahf takes over Khan’s body and reveals he has been possessing his body for the past three years. However, similar to Fei and Id, he did not have full control over the body, allowing Khan to act from time to time due to Khan’s strong willpower. When the Zohar’s power threatens to overtake Fei, Grahf has a sudden change of heart and saves Fei by sacrificing himself, having realised that he is no longer the real „Contact“ and therefore unable to destroy Deus and the Zohar. Fei then leads the way to the site of Kadomony, where the first humans were created by Deus after the crash of the Eldridge.

06:24:11 – All Guns Blazing

Queen Zephyr allows Bart to use the secret Shevat battleship Excalibur for an audacious attack on the Merkava’s only weak point. The attack is successful, but in response the Merkava transforms into Deus‘ true form, which starts turning the entire planet into a single superweapon.

06:36:45 – Mankind’s Last Stand

Most of the surviving humans have gathered at Snowfield Hideout, the crashed remains of Shevat. With the time of the final battle drawing near, the protagonists strengthen their resolve with various more or less important conversations. These conversations involve, amongst others, Dan, Midori, Queen Zephyr, Ramsus, Margie, Chu-chu, the survivors of the Thames crew and Taura.

06:48:25 – Fei and Elly’s „Child“

Fei and Emeralda gain access to the ruins of a Zeboim civilisation city. There, they remember events of 4,000 years ago: A time of relative prosperity, but with an ongoing war and widespread terrorism. Kim, the „Contact“ of that time, had been a physician and nanomachine researcher, possibly their inventor. The Elly of that time had been infertile, causing Kim to artificially create life out of nanomachines – Emeralda. Afterwards, Fei recognises Emeralda as his „daughter“, whereupon Emeralda turns into an adult form.

06:56:54 – To the Final Battle

Deep inside what was once the Merkava, the protagonists battle the core of Deus. After almost getting wiped out by Deus‘ powerful „Ultimate Break“, they manage to beat it in the last second. When the tremendous energy stored within Deus threatens to obliterate the entire planet, Elly, who still resides within Deus, moves the core away from the planet. Fei follows it into outer space in order to save Elly.

07:11:25 – Baring One’s Fangs at God

The „Path of Sephirot“, the path from the lower dimension to the Wave Existence’s higher dimension, opens up and Fei meets Elly and Krelian at that path. He engages with Krelian in a lenghty philosophical discussion, where Krelian reveals his intention to follow the Wave Existence – „god“ – into its higher dimension. Krelian then challenges Fei to show him the power that ought to make humans independent from god: Love. Miang’s true form, Urobolus, appears and is defeated with the Xenogears. Elly is then released by Krelian.

07:18:02 – Ending

Fei and Elly nearly get killed when the „Path of Sephirot“ disintegrates, but they are saved just in time by Krelian. In order to atone for his sins, Krelian continues to the Wave Existence’s dimension. Deus is destroyed once and for all in a massive explosion while Fei and Elly return to the planet in the Xenogears, where the other protagonists are eagerly awaiting their return.

07:24:27 – Credits